Regulatory Science Introduction

Regulatory Science Programs in the College of Sciences

Since 1999, Regulatory Science Programs at San Diego State University have provided online education and training to enhance professional excellence and career opportunities for scientists in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries, and other professionals who are broadening their skill-set or making a career change.

Regulatory science professionals are in demand. A career in regulatory affairs can take many paths, e.g., clinical trials, drug development, food safety, medical device advancement, pharmaceutical research, or chemistry manufacturing and controls. Just knowing the fundamentals of regulatory affairs is not enough to advance your career or secure a job in this industry. To become a regulatory affairs professional, training and education are essential.

Students in our WASC-accredited fully online Masters Degree and Certificate Programs build a foundation of knowledge focused on current laws, regulations, and good manufacturing processes mandated by major governmental regulatory agencies, specifically the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and European Medicines Agency (EMA). Topics related to the discovery, development, testing, manufacture, commercialization, and post-marketing surveillance of pharmaceutical, biologic, and medical device products are at the core of these programs.

All of the Regulatory Science courses are available online as nine-week special sessions and designed to afford students a high degree of flexibility in integrating their studies with their professional responsibilities and other commitments. For personal advising, contact Dr. Lorah Bodie at

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No More GRE?!

The GRE can now be waived for eligible students. Find out if it can be waived for you!

New Electronic Submissions Course Starting May ’16!

This new for-credit course meets elective requirements for current students or can be taken for professional development by those working in Regulatory Affairs. Click here for more details.

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