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Testimonials from other Program graduates…

“When I was accepted by the SDSU Regulatory Affairs program , I was pretty green as a regulatory professional. My purpose was to not only fine-tune my skills but  to experience regulatory situations I had not yet experienced. Since my graduation from the program, I am now a global regulatory lead-director, managing regulatory submissions in the US, EU, Latin America and Asia. This program has given me the confidence to know that I have the necessary background to navigate my organization through the ever-changing regulatory environment.”
Crystal, California

“The SDSU Master of Science Regulatory Affairs program helped me broaden and round out my regulatory knowledge.  It helped me understand the global regulatory ‘big picture’ and gave me hands-on practical skills I could use in my day-to-day work life. This program provided me the education and confidence in my regulatory knowledge to seek career growth opportunities that I might not have had the courage to pursue otherwise. Additionally, I gained new friends and professional networking opportunities from my fellow SDSU students and instructors.  I am truly grateful to SDSU for helping me grow as a regulatory affairs professional.”
Kim, Orange County, California 

“The Masters of Science in Regulatory Affairs degree program at San Diego State University is a fantastic program. This program of study provided me with a solid foundation and a broad understanding of regulatory affairs to confidently perform the responsibilities of a regulatory affairs professional. The web base structure affords the student the flexibility to complete course work with less time constraints making it ideal to continue working while you complete your degree. Changing jobs is difficult enough to do alone. The Masters of Science in Regulatory Affairs degree program at San Diego State University gave me the edge to move my career into regulatory strategy and the ability to navigate a preclinical research program into Phase 1 clinical trials and beyond.

For anyone interested in regulatory affairs I cannot recommend this program enough.”
Scott, San Diego, California

“I had a great learning experience while pursuing the MSc. degree program in RA at SDSU. The course material was very practical because the courses were taught by RA professionals. In addition, the discussion boards, as part of the course assignments, were particularly useful for a newcomer like me because I could get a glimpse of the real world scenarios by reading the posts from my experienced RA classmates.

During the course of my study, I had been trained to navigate the regulatory agencies’ websites in order to search for regulations and guidance documents. I had learnt the regulatory pathways and product development programs for drugs and medical devices which helped me to get my first job in RA. My experience in completing the course assignments (often called on one’s ability to interpret the applicable regulations and guidance document(s) to a case study/synthetic scenario) helped me to do my job more efficiently. Furthermore, the course material also helped me to prepare for RAC (US) exam.

Even though the courses were offered online, all the instructors and facilitators responded very quickly to any questions that I had. Their answers were always informative and helpful. They always made extra efforts to accommodate the needs of everyone in the class. I also appreciated all their continuous support and encouragement. The technical support was superb.

It is my pleasure to recommend this school to anyone who desires to learn or broaden their knowledge in Regulatory Affairs without hesitation.”
Doreen, Scarborough, Ontario, Canada

“I had a great learning experience from the Master of Science in Regulatory Affairs programme at San Diego State University. All courses were taught by instructors who have expertise in the RA field and the small class sizes allowed for close interactions among the class. The flexibility of the online structure of the programme was the best choice for me to pursue more advanced education while working full-time.”
Janis, Toronto, Canada

“The master’s degree program at SDSU was an invaluable learning process for me. The courses provided a structured balance between the study of regulations, regulatory history, practical application and real-world scenarios. The online interaction with fellow students was also an important aspect of the program that provided an opportunity for thought-provoking discussions and learning from direct experience. The instructors were also not only academic professionals but also experienced in industry and practical applications. The accessibility of the online program also allowed me to coordinate my work and travel schedule with class and homework assignments. Overall, the master’s degree program at SDSU was uniquely suited to help me accomplish my short-term goals, my long-term goals, and more, by providing in-depth courses on a broad range of regulatory topics taught via experienced industry and academic professionals.

I am proud to now hold an MS degree in Regulatory Affairs from SDSU.”
Valerie, Lynchburg, Virginia

“In 2003, I heard about the online degree in M. Sc in Regulatory Affairs offers by SDSU. After much thoughts and studying thorough my first course, I recognized the importance of RA learning within a formal education program. There is a lot of information that I may not gain from industry experience!”

“My sincere thanks to SDSU for offering this on-line, allowing me to continue improving my knowledge in the field that I truly love! Being a mother and living in Canada, the online program offers flexibility.

I highly recommend this program to anyone who has the desire to pursue or to further his/her career in Regulatory Affairs – the workload can be demanding but truly worthwhile!”
Penny, Lawrence, KS

“I am very pleased to inform you that I recently got job as a Regulatory Compliance Specialist. I have been looking for an internship in regulatory compliance field but got a job instead. I owe my success to Master’s Program in Regulatory Affairs at San Diego State University.

Thanks a lot for your help and support throughout this program!”
Sapna, Northridge, California

“I highly recommend the Master of Science in Regulatory Affairs program at San Diego State University. The courses are thorough, practical, and taught by extremely well qualified instructors…The online learning interface is outstanding.

The MSRA program’s courses help build a strong foundation in Regulatory Affairs and helped me transition from Engineering to Regulatory Affairs. In fact, I got my opportunity in Regulatory Affairs when I landed my current job about halfway through the program. My pursuit of the MSRA at SDSU played a significant role, I believe, in getting that opportunity…The MSRA program gets my full endorsement.”
Steve, Arvada, Colorado

“I really liked the flexibility of the Master’s program in Regulatory Affairs at San Diego State. During my program, I had to change jobs and relocate a couple of times, but I was always able to continue with the program without worrying about transferring to another school. I was a little apprehensive about an online program, but having access to the readings and assignments allowed me to plan ahead. The interaction with other students was something that I was not expecting, but the variety of students participating in the program provided a wealth of knowledge and different perspectives from different industries in group projects and course discussions.

Completing the Master’s program definitely opened doors to transition from R&D into Regulatory.”
Tania, Memphis, Tennessee