May ’17 courses open to Regulatory Professionals!

Regulatory professionals may take our May ’17 elective courses for professional development… [Read more…]

Fall ’17 application deadline: May 31st

For Fall ’17 only, the APPLICATION DEADLINE IS MAY 31STnot August 1st. Please make a note of this if you are considering applying!

No More GRE?!

The GRE requirement can now be waived for applicants who meet one of the following criterion:

  • have an undergraduate GPA of at least a 3.0 and 3 yrs. of relevant industry experience
  • have completed three program courses (one of which must be RA 602) with a grade of B or better in each course
  • hold an advanced degree (such as an MBA, MS, MA, Ph.D., JD, etc.) from an institution that is a member of the Council of Graduate Schools.

Contact the Graduate Advisor at for more information.

Testimonials from our Students!

Graduates Ana Freed and Dr. Ken Kern share their thoughts about our program.